Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wedding Party Continuity and Individuality

What I would like to highlight in this post is the continuity of the bridal party's outfit, but also how our wedding party owned their outfits.

Here is a great shot of my ladies. 

This lady did not want to wear a skirt. So she wore these sweet trousers.

The only requirements I gave my bridesmaids was to purchase a specific corset (but with the choice of over or underbust), and to wear black or brown bottoms....or just something that looked good.

The groomspeople had similar options. The men were asked to order a tooled faux leather vest in brown and to wear black or brown bottoms. The ladies on the groom's side were asked to wear corsets similar to the bridesmaids' corsets, but in a darker shade.

All the ladies were given pashminas as gifts and wore it how they chose. These two decided on sashiness. The groomswoman on the left is wearing a purple skirt. You will see close ups soon.

This groomsman opted for a traditional Scottish kilt and got his vest fitted to match. This bridesmaid decided on a bustled long skirt and an underbust corset with a pretty tank. 

This groomsman opted for a lighter brown vest with some sweet leather gloves to give his look a little more edge, while this bridesmaid opted for a shorter skirt and some green accents.

This groomsman added a fancy cane to his ensemble while one of my maids of honor added double bustle to her skirt as well as a customized mini top hat.

As you can see this groomslady opted for the underbust and a black skirt while the bridesmaid had a khaki colored shirt and a two toned brown bustle skirt.

The best man added a bowler to his ensemble. A nice classy, clean look.

And the other maid of honor opted for the shorter skirt as well with long boots. The lace tops were a popular choice too.

Here is a close up of one of the groomswomen's purple skirt and her sweet Steampunked stethoscope.

This profile shows this groomswoman's corsage and purse accents.

Some lace work and the differing pattern on the maids of honor corsets--brocade instead of stripes.

And another brocade overbust corset. Notice the half gloves and detailed choker.

So, all this to say that it is possible to have a unified look in your wedding party, while still allowing room for individual styles and tastes. By allowing the ladies to decide on their skirts and undershirts, they had the freedom to customize their look, find items they could use again and get into the spirit of creating an outfit. And by only providing bare bone guidelines, most of them asked me for help and suggestions anyways, so I had a greater say in what they would wear without any sort of resentment. (Or so I hope...)

And here is a picture for the road: