Monday, October 14, 2013

Vendor Roundup Part 2: Clothes

Here is a teaser of more to come:

Photo by MG Norris Contemporary Photography

Bride's Outfit

Cream Ruffle Tank from TJ Maxx and this Bamboo Wrap Dress by Timjan Design

Corset: Reenact
Shrug: MirimiriFashion

Overskirt: Alice and Willow

Petticoat: Caliypsoe
 (But a purple ruffle)

Bloomers: From Clockwork Couture

Stockings: Floral Lace Burgundy and Copper by Sock Dreams

Necklace: Picture coming soon! Made by Husband, Maid of Honor and myself

Earrings: By ManakaHandmade

Hat: I made the hat, but the front piece was made by Foxy Fancies

Shoes: Burlap Tom's painted by my Maid of Honor
(Picture Coming!!)

Fan: Brute Force Studios

Groom's Outfit

Shirt: Ivory Tombstone Shirt from Gentleman's Emporium
I would offer you a picture in order to promote their products but they don't let you copy their images, so it is a shame that I can't show you the awesome shirt. (Do I sound annoyed?) It needed to be tailored, but it looked good in the end.
Tie: Cyberoptix Plum with the sucker design

Vest and Cummerbund: DashnBag

While these vests look nice, almost all of our groomsmen who purchased them had to either send it back or get it tailored. Why purchase custom vests if they need to be tailored? The artisan offered to cover the tailoring costs (which were almost as much as the vest itself), though we have yet to contact her about it. Overall, we will not be ordering from this vendor again.

Pants: TJ Maxx--just regular dress pants
Cane and Hat: Big Bear Trading Co.
Socks: Purple Men's trouser Socks from Amazon