Friday, June 28, 2013

Vendor Vibe: Vourteque

Well, we have decided to hire a DJ.

I know, I know. We said we were gonna do it ourselves on an iPOD. BUT HE IS SO PERFECT! 
And reasonably priced.
And awesome.

Listen to this stuff:
Electro-swing may be the greatest thing to ever happen to dance music. Ever.

Plus, the Fusion-o-Scope:

Plus his music remixes and DJ mixes are super Steampunky:

Plus, the Fusion-o-Scope^3

Plus our awesome wedding photographer recommended him, and since he is the coolest photographer ever, we looked into Vourteque and found that his awesomeness was as reported.

And I REALLY like this DJ mix:

Did I mention the Fusion-o-scope? And the Electro-swing?? Only once??? AH! ELECTROSWING

Now, you tell me this man shouldn't be at our wedding!

End rant of awesomeness.