Thursday, May 30, 2013

Steampunk Lolita: In which I discuss the awesomeness of this costume site I found and for which can't say enough good things about

I have found an amazing site for the ladies!

It is set up by "style". In other words they feature specific collections in addition to their entire selection. It was so much fun to peruse! There are items on this site that can be used for any Steampunk site. Granted there is quite a bit of Lolita, but with the two genres both based in Victorian styles, there is a great deal of crossover.

Also, there are options for custom sizes (at only $5 more, so those of us who are not itty bitty can still partake!) and A BUNCH of color options for each one (including custom color options).

This costume comes in browns!

In fact, there are several items from here that I am considering for my bridal outfit!

This dress is super cute too!