Sunday, April 7, 2013

Purple Steampunk Kraken Wedding Invitations

So, my lack of productive posts was the exhausting, and not quite finished, invitation suite. We still need to deal with the envelopes, but this is what we have been working on. 

 All of the invitation folders are different. This image is just a sampling of some of the folders. We examined a lot of different invitation folders (you can get samples for freeeeeee!) and created a template. We then had some bridesmaids cut out the folders from the template at our last bridesmaid gathering.

After many hours of designing the actual invitation, then getting them printed, we had to cut them. Not all of them lined up perfectly, so cutting them with the paper cutter and trim work with scissors for 5 cards per one invitation...time consuming. Plus we used photo corners for the main invitation, since the reception card is on the reverse side. We wanted people to be able to take it out (also, we didn't want to print ANOTHER card. As you can see, 4 fit nicely in that center pocket. Also, we added the ribbon to keep the other cards in place.

This is the full suite of cards. I did all the design work myself. I took a striped image and manipulated it in gimp to make it purple. Then, while actual graphic designers may gasp in horror, I used Powerpoint and publisher to do the rest of the work. I used the fonts Bleeding Cowboys, The King and Queen, 1942 Report and Carnivalee Freakshow ( For the map, I printed out a Google map, traced it in pencil, outlined it with black sharpie, scanned it, then manipulated it in Gimp before saving it as an image file. For the sneaky Kraken, I used the Kraken Rum's image, manipulated it in Gimp and let it hide sneakily around the edges of the white space. We printed them on 110 lb ivory cardstock--Staples brand.

The entire folder and suite fit into a standard card envelope and shouldn't require any extra postage (though, of course we will check). The envelopes will be lined and awesome. Pictures to come, of course.

We plan to get these out by the beginning of May in order to give our guest enough time to plan their weekends and outfits.