Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Paying homage to our Steampunk Ancestry: Victorian Victuals, Weddings and Fashion

My favorite part about Steampunk is the infusion of Victorian fashion. I love the bustle and the corset and the petticoats. I have always have strong leanings toward the Victorian (English) culture and etiquette and find it fascinating. And, academically I have a great interest in Victorian sexuality and their treatment of the body. Achk. So interesting.

Anyways, I also find wedding folklore and traditions fascinating. How can I subvert the norm without know what I am doing??!

I know I have mentioned this before in my post entitled Steampunk Wedding Etiquette, but I recently found a great deal of awesome titles that I would recommend for research sake! (I love my cat but he has been MEOWING NONSTOP for the last half hour--it is driving me crazy!)

Folklore and Traditions

The  two that I've found are ok. They aren't fantastic and they are very old books. I can't even find cover photos. I am sure there are better ones out there, I just have yet to come across them. Suggestions are welcome.

The Folklore of Weddings and Marriage: The Traditional Beliefs, Customs, Superstitions, Charms, and Omens of Marriage and Marriage Ceremonies by 

Wedding Customs and Folklore by  Margaret Baker

Bridal Fashions

Bridal Fashion: Victorian Era
by Hazel Ulseth

This has pictures upon pictures of various styles! It is so much fun to look through and gain ideas!

A lot of these ideas are a little too late in the 20th century for my liking, but the interesting part is in the back: sample menus, playlists and other things for each decade! Very informative.

Vintage Victuals

Fantastic pictures and suggestions! Perfect to research for a signature drink!

Hmm. Maybe I should write a book on Steampunk weddings...