Monday, February 18, 2013

Bridal Top Hats: In which the Steampunk Bride attempts to make a top hat

Here is my first attempt at creating a mini top hat! I did this at work, so I used the fabric I had available to me. I made a few mistakes, figured out some things to change, but overall, I think I can do this!

I did a lot of research, found a lot of tutorials and methods and decided on a combination of things.

This is a super mini top hat.

It really is just 4 pieces of cardboard and some fabric. I used the templates from Fleece Fun. The mini tutorial PDF is here.

This is an image from the instructions:

Notice how the pieces are fully smooth? That is the problem with this tutorial. But the thing I really like about this tutorial is how the tall part tapers into the brim. It has more personality than a straight hat. 

This tutorial/pattern has a straight hat, which I don't like, but the cross cut pieces make it MUCH easier to align the brim and top of the hat and make it much neater.

 So, I just cut a little extra on Fleece Fun's pattern and added a few flaps to make a neater fit.

The tutorial from Offbeatbride also has some great tips, and gives suggestions as to how to make a curved brim instead of a straight one! (Hint, wet cardboard and soda can!)

So for my wedding top hat, I will curve my brim on my large hat with a tall taper. I think i would like to cover it with a cream and lace fabric. I will attach my beautiful feather hair piece from sister. I am not sure if I want to add a faux corset with leather or not. I love the look of GypsyLady's hats!

Something like this:

For $120. I love it though!
I also like this one, especially the cream color:

By Boring Sidney

And I also really like the stripes. This was one that was by GypsyLady as well.

And since I am a complete novice with leather work, I figure if I want to add leather with a corset-looking top, I can do something like this: 
This leather beauty was made by OcularFracture whose other items can be found at Leviviridae Jewelry Shop
Though I am still undecided about the precise design since I want to make sure that whatever I make will work with the feather adornment that I have.

So, here is the next experiment! Updates shall come along!