Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wedding Bands!

We have found our wedding rings!

Originally we wanted to try to find some interlocking gear ring. But seriously, I could not find ANYTHING!

So, we decided on some other alternative bands. You can see the post about our engagement rings here.

I really like the art nouveau style with the filigree. As  you can see from my engagement ring:

This is the narrow Renaissance Ring. I just think it is lovely. And since I won't be able to double up my rings on my left ring finger, I will just scoot my e-ring on over to my right hand. Problem solved.

Tinahdee Handmade Rings for $38
Tina's work is beautiful though. She has a ton of stacking and distressed rings. I kinda want all of them. I also like this stacking set.

for $90

And this wedding set:


For the beau...he wanted something with gears. But his engagement ring is the Kinekt Gear Ring, which has gears already:

So, I suggested he get something a bit simpler. He liked the idea of an alternate metal for his ring. We found this two-toned tungsten beauty at

The most inexpensive men's rings ever.
So, here's to wedding rings for under $75!