Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Steampunk Groom's Boutonnieres

My groom and I tried to put together some of our simplified boutonnieres (which I can now spell without spell check!) together the other day.

We are using the same striped ribbon for both the medals and the corsages.

This one here shows the ribbon at its full width. My beau is going to copperize the Cthulhu to match the gear. You can find the pendant at Michael's here.

For this boutonniere, I folded the middle portion of the ribbon and hot glued it so that the ribbon's width was not so, well, wide. This one is cool because it is a locket that is closed by a magnetic clasp.

The link for this pendant is here.

We haven't decided on what each of the boutonnieres will have for pendants, but this is a start!