Sunday, January 13, 2013

Steamy Stockings

Here are some fun steampunky tights that you might consider wearing under a petticoat!

Watch Tights from Trendy Legs for $29

From Trendy Legs for $29

Take a look around the Trendy Legs site! They have leggings and tights with all kinds of patterns!

$20 Brown Stripey Socks from Clockwork Couture
Peekaboo Stockings by Clockwork Couture

Link here for $8
From an etsy shop!
Here some awesome tights from Mod Cloth:
A Tale of New Tights $30

Arabian Tights $14.99

Lace Up and Away Tights $30

Of course there are TONS more out there. But these are just some of my favorites! Feel free to add some of your favs in the comments!