Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Simply Steampunk: Or simplifying our reception

Now that we are into the actual planning of things, we have made some pretty big changes.

We have decided to make our reception more of a "party"-feel than a "dinner"-feel. Many reasons.

One is this article about "Cake and Punch" Receptions posted by Offbeat Bride. It almost seems like they interviewed us to see how we were doing our wedding. Not really but...early afternoon wedding on an off day. That's us.

We had played around with the idea for a "Victorian high tea" for the reception. We considered the breakfast buffet, we considered cutting out boozy, we considered just appetizers or just desserts (heh).

But I never got a firm "yes". We don't have a contract with our caterer yet (since it is a corporate caterer, they do things considerably later than wedding caterers) so we still have the chance to change our minds. And, after last night, we were just in the decision-making zone. And we decided to SIMPLIFY.

We have a lot going on. There will be a lot of awesome things at our wedding.

We decided we won't have a sit-down meal. We haven't decided on exactly WHAT, but we are eliminating the need for 12 tables and 12 tablecloths and 12 centerpieces. We will still have all those things, but not a dinner-sized amount of them.

I have to say that I am SUPER excited about the possibilities this opens for us. High tea, ball, masquerade, "wine and cheese" reception, cocktail party...

More will be discussed tomorrow, but for today, this bride-to-be is super pleased.