Monday, January 7, 2013

Book Page and Brooch Bouquets

Awful picture, but my $6 finds at A.C. Moore. Brooch bouquet additions and some sweet  stamps.

The AC Moore additions to my brooch bouquet!

Adding some color!

I made 37 flowers with Mel and Anastasia this weekend!:

Arm model=Anastasia

So pretty!!
 My fiance and I also simplified our centerpieces. You'll remember our original designs here. We decided to simplify to one pipe out of a horizontal stack of books.

We will add 3 things to the centerpiece. Things being random things. like in this picture.

And we got creative with how we will display flowers around the reception hall.

Matt was so proud of the flower from the spout.

We also figure out we will need about 360 flowers between the corsages, bouquets, tables and such. Which ends up being about 30 flowers per person (between me and the bridesmaids). Not so bad. Ideally I would be able to finish them by June so we can work on other projects.

Also, we decided on cupcakes! Boxed cupcakes! Peanut butter and chocolate boxed cupcakes!!

Om nom nom nom nom.