Sunday, December 2, 2012

Project Invitation to Begin

So. We need to make our invitations next. After a nice respite where we congratulated ourselves for completing our Save the Dates, we need to step it up. Also, we figured the other day that we are going to need to make about 300 of those roses. SO MUCH TO DO.

So invitations. We are sticking with the ticket for the main invite. As an example:

We are going to use this paper: 

To make these folders--well something similar anyways:

In order to hold our invitation suite which is yet to be determined.

But there is so much to do!

  1. Design the invitation suite (Reception card, ceremony card, ticket invitation, RSVP postcard)
  2. Line the brown paper envelopes with scrapbooking paper (using the ones from the save the date card packages that we bought and didn't use for the STDs ::giggle::)
  3. Find and purchase the cardstock for the folder.
  4. Create a template for the folder.
  5. Make 100 folders.
  6. Decide on paper for the invitation suite.
  7. Decide upon dimensions for the cards.
  8. Print, trim etc. the cards.
  9. Put everything together.
  10. Address the outer envelope with full titles (which involves making sure we have EVERYONE's full titles) with typewriter or calligraphy.
  11. Address inner folder as an inner envelope.
  12. MAIL.
Deadline: End of March.