Thursday, December 27, 2012

Expanding the Steampunk Workshop

Christmas was great this year! 

My little brother (and by little I mean 25), got my fiance and I a TON of tools and materials! He got us a soldering iron, some leather, leather punch, leather rivets, that awesome textured scrapbook paper, gears, keys, watch parts, a scrapbook...and an authentic leather press from 1900. (Not pictured, since he hasn't sent it yet.)

The goodies
 We now have a pretty well-stocked workshop. :)

A closer look

Here is a picture of a similar leather press, though not the one we received:
Find one on ebay

Kitten and garter (it was cuter in real life)

The garter, which you can get on ETSY from SteampunkedOut

Awesome, no?