Monday, December 10, 2012

DIY and Vendor Updates

Hello, hello.

Sorry I have been so inconsistent with my updates! There are some vendors we are waiting to hear back from, and I am waiting until after my bridesmaid meetup to post about the DIY we are doing.

We are waiting to hear back from ENSMB about their availability, the photographer about a time to meet, the caterer about cutting the alcohol from our brinner and what she can find for tablecloths.

I also decided that I DO want to go dress shopping. I might end up getting one made anyways, but...I only get to play this game once!

Also, we are outsourcing the centerpieces to one of my "behind the scenes" bridesmaids. She is incredibly talented at construction and art (she has an MA in art stuff). So I know that they will be beautiful.

The flower construction is spread out and we decided on 300 for a number. With stems. Hahahaha. Tedious, but totally worth it. Since the cost of the flowers will be the cost of the floral wire and tape since we are using old books.

Invitations are in the works, though honestly, I am at a loss. There are so many awesome ways to do them that I keep getting sidetracked!

My amazing sister and co-maid of honor commissioned an artist to make me a Steampunk head piece for the wedding! Since she is in charge of my hair, I trust her implicitly.

We are handing out Save the Dates at Christmas and mailing the remainder in the new year.

I will be making further lists of the little details I want included that might get lost the closer we get to the date too.

Boutonnieres are on my mind too, but since we settled on medals, we need to just make them. I think we are simplifying our original design.

Oh, and we are trying to come up with something unique and meaningful for our ceremony...

I have lots of awesome new pins on pinterest! And I started organizing the various items onto different boards (since 900 pins is a lot to scroll through when trying to find a specific idea!)

The Steampunk Bride Main Pinboard