Thursday, November 15, 2012

Steampunk Fashions and Reading

Steampunk Fashions: Books to check out from the library (or to buy) that will give you awesome ideas and projects to make some clothes and accessories!!

The pictures modeled in this book are actually taken at the Charles River Museum. 

I haven't checked this one out yet. I am waiting for it to come in on ILL.

This book is really cool, but the projects in here are rather  complicated and in-depth.

This is the ultimate primer for Steampunk. It has so many different ideas, cultures and everything in one book. The link for the Steampunk Gazette is here.

The Steampunk Bible is an aesthetically awesome book along the same lines of the Steampunk Gazette. It goes in to greater depth than the Gazette about certain aspects of the sub-culture. Amazon link here.

My copy is from my bridesmaid Anastasia. She got it for me for Christmas last year. :)