Monday, October 8, 2012

Wedding Photo Apps: A Comparison

Capsule: Pros--You can use Instagram.
Storage: FOREVER with all packages
App downloads: 75/175/unlimited
Pricing $99/$149/$299

WeddingSnap: Pros--the $149 package has a streaming option. We could project pictures as they are uploaded.
Storage: 1 year
App downloads: Unspecified
Pricing: $99/$129/$149/$199

PhotoOpp: $99 and has comparable feature. However, the site is very unprofessional-looking, and I wouldn't trust it.
PROs--You don't need a sign in code.

OurWeddingApp: Pros--Allows input of cab one touch dialing, directions to the ceremony and an info page.
Cost of the app is $299.

There are a bunch of Apps out there, but to be honest, I wouldn't trust a lot of them. Anyone can create an app, and while iTunes and Android have guidelines and approvals, the fact is, there are a lot of buggy apps out there. For something as important as wedding photos, I want something reliable. WeddingSnap was recommended by Offbeat Bride and Capsule was endorsed by WhenGeeksWed, my 2 "go to" wedding blogs. OurWeddingApp was a Knot Pick of 2012. I would trust these.

After writing this entry, I am leaning towards Capsule. I really like the option of using Instagram and also that they let you store forever.

We currently have access to a free photo app--Wedding Party-- through, which is the site we are using for our wedding page. It would be great, if it wasn't ONLY an iphone app. It's nice because the photos will stream on our wedding page...I have sent it along to family and friends that have apple products, but I think we might end up paying for something that allows more people to use the app.

I would love feedback.