Sunday, October 14, 2012

Visiting the Venue

Co-maid of honor Mel, my fiance and I visited the wedding venue today. We wanted to take a look outside around the same time to judge the foliage for pictures. We also wanted to get a better idea of the dimensions, look at the reception hall renovations and ask a few questions. Here are the pictures from our field trip and some of the ideas that we are thinking about incorporating.

 This is the main exhibit floor and the machine shop. There are a lot of really cool antique machines that you can play with.

You can see the machine shop better in this image.

The fire engine. Hoping to get my officiant up there to do the ceremony.

A view of the main floor from the watch museum balcony.

Lots of space.

This is the reception hall. New floors.

It is so much bigger than I remember.


View into the lounge area.

Facing the front of the room.

The lounge!

Another wall...

I adore the lounge. So so much.

The kitchen is behind those doors.

the balcony from the door to the reception hall.

The balcony/watch exhibits.

More of the balcony. Considering putting the bar there.

Going upstairs to the balcony.

Right before turning the corner.

Part of the aisle...

The bridge outside.

From the bridge to the museum.

Walkway to the museum.