Monday, October 29, 2012

Steampunk Wedding Photographers

So, we have been searching for a wedding photographer that is reasonably priced, but also understands the vision of our wedding day. There are lots of "deals" out there for DJ/photo/video packages. But as talented as those vendors may be, I am not convinced that they would be able to capture our wedding with the nuisances that someone familiar with cosplay and Steampunk would understand.

My fiance and I found Studio Nouveau, which is run by two amazing women, but unfortunately were out of our price range. Then the fiance said--"who was the photographer at Templecon last year?" We looked it up and found him. And then we found his site. And then we talked to him. And then, we knew it would be a great fit. We still need to make arrangements to meet and such, but take a look at his work on his website:

M. G. Norris Contemporary Photography: Wedding Samples
This is his pricing and information.