Saturday, October 27, 2012

Paper Flowers, Trial run!

This is how I spent my Saturday afternoon. This is the result of the 2nd rose. My first one was a bit awkward.

These are the cutouts from the templates that I made.

I used pages from this old Dinotopia book, which is usually considered  Steampunk. It was also one of Matt's favorite childhood series.

This was my first rose! Notice the "Dinotopia"?? This is the  large size rose.
Update: made one out of scrapbooking paper as well.

This is the template that I used in order to create the roses. I printed the templates, cut them out, traced them onto heavy cardboard and created a reusable template. I also cut out a bunch of the template pieces. I have templates for all three sizes. I also plan on making some out of colored scrapbook paper. I think these would look great in boutonnieres. I love the medal idea, but these are just so pretty...

The link to the template.