Sunday, October 21, 2012

Etsy, Offbeat Octopods and Vintage Graphics: A Post with Three Parts


I have decided that I will be opening an Etsy store. Probably not for a while, but a lot of the things I am doing for the wedding...the jewelry, the is so much fun! I KNOW that when the wedding is over, I will be itching to make more stuff and by that point I will have enough experience and practice to make some pretty awesome pieces.

Today I made a pair of earrings. Well, I started to. I have gauged ears but I fluctuate between how stretched I keep my eyes depending on the earrings I want to wear. I have this beautiful pair of gear plugs that are just a little too big for my ears at the moment, but I also lost an earring the other week so I NEED AN EARRING. I took an old pair of steel plugs that had a cheap rhinestone that long ago fell out, filled them with epoxy (which is currently hardening) and put matching watch gears in each (with the posts still attached). So you can kinda see through the plug around the gear. It will be very cool once it dries and I add another layer of the resin to form the dome on top.

But. I started making boutonnieres for the wedding, which I discussed here. And I am also giving a Steampunk Workshop for teens at my library in November at which we will make some medals. I would love to be a bit more creative with these and help adorn those Steampunk enthusiasts.

More on this in the future.


I love Offbeat Bride. I emailed and said how much I love it, and got these:

One for my wedding day, one for my wedding scrapbook. :)


Found these on Pinterest and thought they could be a bit more versatile than just placemats.

Go on over to to get them!