Monday, September 10, 2012

The Steampunk Bride Loves Social Media

I have taken the leap.

I created a Facebook group for The Steampunk Bride. {}

I did it because I was in a Steampunk Wedding group on FB with the hopes of some good exchanges of ideas and such, but nope. It was such an inactive group that I left. And started my own. So hopefully it WILL be a place to exchange ideas. I love the Steampunk group that I am in on FB.
{visit that group here:}

So join my group, like away and post some pictures.

The only photo I will not be posting on FB will be my dress so that the boy doesn't accidentally get a glimpse of it. He wants the full surprise on the wedding day.

My next project will be boutonnieres ( I can NEVER spell that correctly on the first try. GAH.) and cleaning some of those thrift shop finds. As well as finding more old books. (LOVE LIBRARY DISCARDS!)

Stay Steampunky.