Monday, September 24, 2012

Steampunk Save-the-Dates, Take 1

I am completely undecided about StDs. Mel was working on a design for a postcard, but we also really like the ticket idea. So last night I played around in Publisher (which I love) and came up with this:

I completely copied it from someone else. But it was such a cool looking Save the Date. I wrote about its awesomeness previously in this post.

This is the original:

The link to this image is here.

Obviously our design is not final. We are aiming to mail ours out after Christmas, so we have some time. I know the rule is generally 6 months, but because so many guests have to travel from far away, AND the wedding is on a Monday, we want to give adequate time for planning...and finding babysitters.

But I am thinking of putting Mel's design in the center--either the monogram:

Or what she is working on now for the save the dates. We were originally thinking a postcard. 

Too many options.

til later,