Saturday, September 29, 2012

Steampunk Bride has a New Ride

Ok, so it's not this:

OR this:

But it gets better gas mileage.

I love the hatchback, I love the black interior. I love how it handles, how it actually has an Ipod and USB hook-up. It is a great car. How far the accent has come in 10 years.

I commute A LOT. I drive 40 miles to work five days a week. My fiance is 35 miles from my apartment. If I stay with my fiance and have to work the next day, that is a 75 mile commute. ONE WAY. So on a good day, I drive 80 miles. So...that is a little under 30,000 miles a year.

I was quite reluctant to get a NEW car, especially with a wedding to plan, but my 2002 accent is awful, clunking and at 114,000 miles. I've already replaced 2 belts and the alternator and have only had it since April. The Hyundai has an awesome warranty so yes, it also provides peace of mind.

Meet the car of my future. Her name is Fawkes, but she is more gender neutral than straight up female.