Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Steampunk Workshop: Boutonnieres

We went a little crazy at Michael's today. 

Ok. A lot crazy. We decided on paper for our invitations (brown paper bag colored) and at 50% off, we could not resist 3 packages of 50 paper and envelopes for $15. Win win. Win. 

We also found some cool little paper flowers on clearance as well as some really cute chalkboard signs on clearance. It turns out that September is a FANTASTIC TIME to shop for wedding stuff since it is the end of wedding season. So we got some great deals, found some great finds.

We spent 2 hours in Michaels. TWO HOURS. There was one point when we both just stopped and were like "we're shopping for our wedding" and "we're getting married". It was a great moment. Here are some pictures of my "Steampunk Workshop".

We decided after a bunch of trials that we would make the boutonnieres look like medals with the purple ribbon we found. The "medal" will be an altered key with a paper flower, gears, watch faces, etc.

Keys from Anastasia and Michael's

Gears and clocks and pliers, oh my

Chains and old library card catalog drawer for storage

Ribbons and chains

Michael's key with ribbon attached like a medal. Attaching the flower with the gears attached.

Matt's creation. It's awesome.

I was trying to make something my aunt suggested for  a design. It could work,  but I don't like how this turned out for me.

Steampunk storage