Monday, September 3, 2012

Centerpiece Project, Day 2

So, these are the results of the centerpiece trial. It was fun. It will be quite a bit of work, but luckily my man has some cheap labor...who make props for the theater and stuff. Luckily the cost won't be that bad. The books are super cheap (50 cents for 3), the PVC was $1.99 for the 10 feet (20 cents/foot or $0.02/inch) and the spray paint was $7 (we will probably need only 2 cans). The drill bit cost about $10. Each centerpiece needs 5 books ($1), 30 inches of pipe (50 cents), 2 elbow joints (2 x $0.49x2=$1), 3 male adapters ($0.59 x 3 = $1.77) and 3 reducer adapters ($2.29x3=$6.60). We will 12 of these. If we divide the cost of the spray paint and drill bit among all twelve (so $25 for the total, $2.07 added to the total cost). Approximate total cost: $12.50 for each centerpiece and about $150 for the entire project. (I think I just did waaaaay m ore work putting the math together than actually doing anything on the centerpieces).

Stack of books! Drill hole in each side.
We used a 1" hole saw drill bit which turned out to be a perfect size.  

As our trial, we learned some things. The PVC we got is actually 1 inch, not 3/4 inch.

We also decided that we have to band or clamp the books together better, making sure the entire surface  of the book is covered in glue so that the tops do not bow. We also decided that we are going to cut the length of the protruding pipes in half.

We did a little photo shoot to gather ideas for how we want to set up tables.

Notice the upside down test tube. Pretty cool.

We found that weird magnifying glass thing at TJ Maxx  today. $7 of  weird awesome.