Saturday, September 1, 2012

Centerpiece Project, Day 1

Making Mod Podge: 1:1 ratio of water and glue! We used wood glue  because we are binding books together. We thought it might be stronger.

This is the first book selection for our trial centerpiece.  We are trying to find older books with cloth  covers and  possibly with appropriate titles. Please note that they are mostly library discards, used, falling apart, etc. I would not condone the murder of innocent books. Here we have Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, an encyclopedia, q book of stitchery, the Steampunk sequel to Howl's Moving Castle, Castle in the Air,  and The Oxford Book of Children's Stories

Mod Podge pages together. I did random chunks...I just let the  pages stick together and painted up the next chunk.

Houdini was captivated by the process.

Then I mod podged the outside. of the pages.
Clamping the books so they dry. (You could also stack more books on top .)

Snack break! (Very important).

3/4" PVC pipe. We will use 1" the next time around.

Hammered Copper spray paint!

Spray painting the joints.

This is the inspiration for the project: