Sunday, August 12, 2012

Steampunking Postcards for Save the Dates

We have been discussing Save the Dates and have decided on postcards. We have been going through different ideas and ways to make a visually pleasing, decent quality postcards that aligns with our wedding aesthetic. It has been challenging, but hopefully laying out the options in a post will make it easier to make a decision.

$58 for Staples Copy & Print Center
100 Heavy stock postcards, full color, front and back, glossy front
$35 for full color front, black and white/grayscale back

Other places to upload images and have cards printed:
Vistaprint: $24 (usually $46): $12.49 for 100 +$5.99 for the recycled matte +$4.99 for full color on the back
Prints Made Easy: claims to be $25 for 100 standard cards front and back--uncertain about color printing though...

We were also considering getting some of the weird/interesting/sci-fi postcards that they sell at Ocean State Job Lot. If you haven't seen them before, they have lots of random cards and postcards for 10 cents apiece. We were thinking of using those and then getting a custom rubber stamp for the "Save the Date" message which range in price upwards of $20 regardless of the website.

The other option is to design something (involving airships) on the computer and print them myself. That will take a lot of time...and energy. It seems that this way will still stay in the same price range (considering I would have to print them somewhere.) 

We could of course buy the heavy card stock ourselves and print them, but that leaves the problem of finding a decent enough color printer. (Since we don't have one).

The other option is to have an 8 1/2 x 11 drawing made and then shrink it to postcard size (and do the copying and cutting ourselves...meaning we only need about 30 sheets of cardstock since we could fit 4 cards to one sheet of paper) and copy it on a high quality copier. Right now I have Mel drawing something up because this seems like the best way to get the full aesthetic.

I could also scan and upload the image that she creates and find a site to print it. Right now Vistaprint is having a promotion, so that is a possibility. Finding a pre-made template on one of those sites is almost as much work as creating an image on the computer.