Thursday, August 16, 2012

Steampunk Treasures

Goodwill is amazing:

Found this little number for $10. It will be our card box.

Underwood typewriter. Goodwill auction online.  $50. Will clean this up, get a new ribbon, and a scroll of parchment paper. You are looking at our guest book. :) It's completely manual. I am in love. It also has its own carry case.

Some great finds on Save-on-Crafts:

Camera Clock, $22!!

KEYS! For 3 sets, $2.50 apiece!

Bridesmaids' Lanterns! 6 for $9 apiece
$7 for 10 silver keys...we could bronze them!

Watch parts! $4.99!
Burlap roll! Usually $20, $11 on this site! Was thinking for the stage area and possibly chairs.

10 Biodegradable lanterns from ThinkGeek for $40!

There are some really awesome and inexpensive items on here that we are going to use. We are also going to use brown Root Beer glasses for vases as well as some mason jars to hold our paper flowers!

The other thing that I found today that I am considering, and somehow making more airship-y:

Tutorial here