Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mel's Steampunk Jewelry Extravaganza

Co-Maid-of-Honor, Mel, stayed with me this week. Of course wedding things were discussed.

Mel has organized a list of information for the other bridesmaids including links to their attire, wedding webpages, important links and responsibilities. Again, the beauty of Google docs! This document can be shared and edited by any of the bridesmaids.

Not only did she include attire, but accessory ideas. Mel fell in love with this little number:

$60 from Etsy

She was also trying to find a way to repurpose this brooch from her grandmother:

So we stopped at Michael's and made a few purchases. A few hours later, Mel had a beautiful accessory for the wedding!

Here is the completed project:

Left Eye decoration
Some more shots!

Pliers and patience.

So, after completing this project, Mel had lots of leftover findings, so I asked her to make my wedding necklace. I really loved this piece from Etsy:

$54 from Etsy
I have a lot of...things. I have a lot of crafty items and steampunk-y items that I collect to use for various projects. Together with Mel's leftovers, we created a a piece inspired by this!

I am in love with the completed project, moreso than the original. it is much more personal and much more me.

This is made from a broken necklace that I originally got from Kohl's--the gem fell  out, but man , I loved that necklace.  So I painted the center with a mix of gold and black. I have had those brass letters forever. I originally wanted K&M, but my choice were limited. us turned out to be perfect. And, of course, I have about a half pound of watch gears. Just because.

I contributed the key charms and the middle charm, which is actually a button. Mel contributed the sweet watch face and all findings. She did all the gluing.

Yeah. I love it.

(Anyone else think Mel should open an Etsy store...?)