Monday, August 27, 2012


Decisions are wonderful.

Decisions that were made today (and this weekend) include:

  1. Favors. (Will be revealed after the wedding so as not to SPOIL the surprise for our guests!)
  2. Centerpieces. (Matthew will begin construction of them this week. They involve a bit of chemistry equipment, old books, PVC and spray paint...I am lucky he is so good at this stuff, being a technical director and all...)
  3. Location of the Ceremony. (Originally we were going to have it outside. We moved it inside so we can be married on the antique fire engine, avoid having to decorate an altar, setting up chairs outside and then have to move them inside, avoid worrying about sound equipment outside, and avoid the extra fee to have it in the park)
  4. The bridesmaids' bouquets. (Since we will be having an afternoon wedding, we have decided against the lanterns. Instead the bridesmaids will carry bouquets of paper flowers with a few brooch flowers in them for accent and surrounded by a metal-looking holder.) 
  5. I am cutting my hair. I have been growing it out for the wedding so I can have a pretty updo...but to be honest, it isn't me. I have always loved my short hair. I feel that it reflects my personality better, it is easier for me to deal with, and I just love it short. So. I will cut my hair and find a style that I can do WITH MY hair, instead on making my hair...and myself...into something that I am not. I want to look like me on my wedding day. So yeah. Happy about that.
  6. If funds allow, I want to rent an actual bar instead of using a table. This is a classy event.
  7. I am in love with the monogram Mel created for the wedding. Will show pictures when finalized, scanned and such.
  8. We need to make our Save the Dates SOON.
  9. At some point we WILL have Tabitha take engagement photos.
I know this isn't helpful to many, but I will elaborate on decisions as we, you know, make stuff.