Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bustlin' the Ladies' Skirts!

I have found some options for the ladies in the wedding party for their bottoms!

For my ladies who would like the full skirt and bustle:

There is skirt #1 in brown or black.
This is the same exact skirt but in black (both skirts bustle, I promise):

The black skirt is shown with a full petticoat: Retroscop black petticoat ($45)

The other option for bottoms is this style, that comes in different lengths:

Full length $93 (and shown without a petticoat)

Midlength $82

Mini Bustle $68
$38 Bloomers
Also, the co-maids of honor will be differentiated by a slightly different corset. It is the same style, but a slightly different design.

This one.