Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bouquet Update #2

My bouquet has been coming along, slowly, but surely. I may have mentioned previously that I decided that I wanted to use various metal colors and neutrals with some colored brooches for accents. Here are the brooches I have so far:

These are the silver brooches. The two flowers with rhinestones were from an old boss' grandfather's estate. I found the round one at Goodwill. The dog tag is from Templecon this year and has my name, the date and "Officer Cadet" on it. The snowflake one is something that I bought ages ago and was on a super long necklace that I never wore. I think I got it from Kohl's or American Eagle or Target? The watch innard is from Waltham Watch Factory...the location of the wedding. And I have no idea where I got that heart from. The Eiffel Tower was a lone earring donated by Bexy. Note the kitten in the background...he is eating the stems...

These are the brass pieces that I have. The key was a pendant I got from Michael's ages ago. A matching one is on my wedding necklace. See it here. The flower and the heart locket were also pendants that I had for ages. The watch gut is a watch gut.

These are the gold pieces that I have. The flower was given to me by Mel--and one of our other friends gave it to her (Anastasia?). I had the K pin forever...I think it was a Christmas gift from my grandmother one year. The guardian angel pin was also a gift from my grandmother, though from a different year. I found the rhinestone mask, Matt and I found at an antique store in Winsted, CT. The awesome watch brooch was at Goodwill!

These are my pearl brooches. The berry/pear brooch is from Matt's mum. The two earrings are from that same estate from an old boss. The two white brooches are from Joanne's Fabric and the center brooch is from Goodwill.

The hangy gold piece is something Matt got for me at our favorite antique store in Kent, CT: Rolling River Antiques. (Seriously. This store is AWESOME!) The piece on the right with the rhinestones is from Matt's mum and the other piece is from Goodwill.

These are some of the accent pieces that I have. The purple flowers with the metal bow is from the estate from my old boss (she gave me a lot of great pieces!) The cameo is something Matt and I found at Goodwill. I think that Matt's mum sent the flower basket and and the hangy heart pendant. 

This last piece is from Tabitha. It is a little bluer than I am looking for, but it is beautiful.

So, I am looking now for some purples and pinks, maybe a couple of greens to add a bit of color to the metals.