Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wedding Party Attire: The Decision

The wedding party attire has been decided!!!

For the groom:

$105 Awesome vest

For the groomsMEN:

$50 Same style as the groom, a bit darker
The Groomsmen can choose any black tie and can choose to either wear the matching pants, or wear black pants. And a white dress shirt will be wonderful.

ALL the gentlemen with this coat:

$150 Callahan Frock Coat

And the ladies.

The groomswomen and the bridesmaids will wear complementary corsets, same style, but different colors. All the girls are welcome to choose their bottoms, be it pants, pantaloons, or a skirt.

Groomswomen Corset Options

Underbust ~$90
Overbust ~$90
The Bridesmaid Options:

Underbust ~$90
Overbust ~$90

So, for fun, this is what we would look like: