Monday, July 2, 2012

Wedding Party Attire: Browns?

Ok, so you have seen my thoughts about the purples...which I like, but dislike the lack of flexibility for the wedding party to build outfits that reflect their own Steampunk style and personality.

I need to offer some suggestions for those of my bridesmaids who are not as familiar with Steampunk style and will need more guidance on building an outfit.

Brown is more flexible than the purple because it can be used as an accent as well as a foundation color. And the vests that I really like for the guys are browns, creams and gold. Which is a color palette that I really love anyway, but is not supportive of that bright purple. A mauve, maybe, but not that violet.

They girls give me more trouble because it so easy to just tell the guys to wear THIS vest or THIS COLOR vest with THIS tie. The girls' outfits involve more planning, because there are more options. I don't want to MAKE my ladies wear a corset. I don't want to make them buy something they will never use again. There are some awesome bodices, halters, belts, vests, etc. that the ladies can incorporate that is more reflective of their personalities. It is true with the purple to an extent...

Here are the vests that I really like:
$50 and dashing especially with the pinstripe pants

Love the stripes

The paisley=awesome

Empire Vest

And this one which is black and brown...$55

Now I am thinking I should just decide for the ladies and then figure out the guys after...they are much easier to coordinate...

So for the ladies I really think I like the brown outfits:

This tailed vest was available in caramel:

With the black, or maybe a brown shirt?
$59 with brown or black bottoms
$60...with the ivory top?
This one is no long available. But I realllly want this and the following  with the paisley and striped men's vests...Alas.
I love this one but it appears to be no longer available.

This one is a beautiful option

$55 on sale

Another corset option for the brown that will still go with black
This is $135 but it is corset AND bustle AND skirt...

Another option. This is also available in black...
I want to offer non-corset options too.... this belt/harness...
These are the ideas I have for browns...I am so uncertain as to which way to go....