Friday, July 27, 2012

Steampunk Wedding Dress, Part 3

Remember that post about my wedding dress?

It's all a lie.

I found something way better. WAY better.

I saw this photo by Arwen Garmentry that was done for a photo shoot posted on the Steampunk Facebook page and fell madly and deeply in love. Since I saw it, I have been searching and searching for pieces to build this as an outfit. I have been searching for dresses, Steampunk outfits, Etsy.

I've been asking friends for recommendations, for seamstress contacts...

Because our budget is quite limited and I don't want to spend too much money on a dress.

I contacted some shop owners on Etsy--there are such great artisans on that site. AliceandWillow on Etsy has beautiful and amazing work. I contacted with a request and a budget for a custom piece.

Then, I talked to my fiance. His words were "you deserve to feel beautiful. That price is AMAZING for a CUSTOM wedding dress. We can find something else to trim in the budget in order for you to have your dream dress. You shouldn't feel guilty about spending $300 more than your original dress."

So, I sent off the email today. The email that says I will have the most deliciously beautiful dress on my wedding day.

Here are some samples of AliceandWillow's work:

My baby is in good hands, but man, silk is expensive...