Sunday, July 15, 2012

Catering, Registries and Other Observations for a Steam-powered Wedding

So, I apologize A. for lack of posting (I spilled soda on my keyboard and I still don't have internet...womp womp) and B. for the lack of steampunky-ness of this post.

I have several ideas that I want to sort out and not all of them are the most interesting of topics (i.e. budget related...).

Number 1. Catering and Guests


We sent out our first inquiry emails and got our first response. My initial thought was "I can't afford to get married". And honestly, we are a little panicky. The thought of eloping has actually crossed my mind. How are we going to afford a wedding attended by over 100 guests? We looked through our guest list today and made decisions about invites. We decided that unless engaged or living together, invitations cannot include dates/guests. We are limiting ages to 14 and over. So, after all that, we have 117 guests.

Wow. We are very lucky to have so many people in our lives who love and care for us, but, now, how can we provide the amazing event they deserve?

First of all, our first inquiry letter was too vague. We didn't limit the budget or give specific enough instructions as to what we want. We are having an early dinner that consists of breakfast foods (because that is what we love!) We don't need brioche french toast or fancy fritattas. We need good food that tastes great and breakfasty. So our next letter was more specific with our budget and our wants. Hopefully this will be better.

Part B. Another Option

There is a secondary options. Since our ceremony is slated for 2:30 pm, that leaves dinner at an awkward time. We could avoid the sit down dinner altogether and have a Victorian Tea where we serve passed hors d'ouevres instead. This would also leave us a lot of time to visit with our guest since there won't be as much time taken up by going through the buffet and eating. It would also allow us to forgo the complete place settings needed for each guest.

Number 2. Wedding Party Attire Update


Number 3. Wedding registry

I know I posted about a registry in this post, and have since come to the conclusion that the Amazon wedding wishlist is not the best option. The one advantage is that is DOES let you add ANYTHING from ANY other site.

I found that the WeddingRegistry360 is a nice alternative and has some really nice organizational options. Supposedly you can incorporate other lists into it and create one universal lists.I can't figure out to do it, so that is rather frustrating.

We did decide on Bed, Bath & Beyond as a physical store registry. So that one is good to go.
We also decided on HoneyFund which is a site that allows contributions to various activities for the honeymoon. It is actually free.

There are several other "cash" registries that offer "free" services but they are tricky. For example, Offbeat bride recommended "Deposit a Gift" and it seemed pretty good, but the layout wasn't up to my standards. The other one is "simpleregistry" which seemed perfect until I signed up and learned that my guests have to pay a 3.5% fee for their gifts (or we do). It seemed silly. So, we decided to go with the universal registry, the store registry and the honeymoon registry. Right now we still have some items on the Amazon Universal Registry because some of the items will not list on the 360 site. I am hoping it is a glitch and I can incorporate those items into the 360 list later. (The items are the Marriott sheets, feather mattress cover and down comforter. SERIOUSLY THE MOST COMFORTABLE BED EVER).

This is how they appear on the Wedding Site, but I am not entirely pleased with how it looks.

Part B. Some Ideas for the registry.

Not kidding. Amazing.
Urban Outfitters also does not let 360 add its items.

Laboratory Vases

From BB&B:
This sweet clock
From the 360 registry

Sweet candle holders

The greatest thing about 360 (and the Amazon site) is that you can include items from Etsy, Clockwork Couture, Uncommon Goods, Think Geek, Plasticland, ModCloth, and neatoshop