Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Caterers, Registries and Planners, oh my!

My last week has been spent trying to put items on our registry (items that aren't lame, but are still within the realm of expectation for a wedding registry), and the caterer. We have been trying to nail down the menu, bar, and rentals. We have decided not to rent dishes etc. because Matthew found an AMAZING site that has plastic wholesale. They look nice and they are cheaper than rentals. Check it out:


Brides, this is seriously the greatest find, especially if you don't care about china...

So we have been pricing glasses and plates and flatware and chair rentals...Oh my.

I have decided against the Registry 360 that I originally raved about. It turns out that any item that has flash or a slideshow for pictures is not compatible with Registry360. So, I again had to search for the perfect registry...And this time, for real (I know 3 posts later, on something so seemingly trivial...), I found it:


It is awesome and has an Android app that lets you scan barcodes in stores, or manually enter items that you find ANYWHERE. It syncs with any other registry and offers links and phone numbers to stores for easy ordering. So that it our third registry. We have our Honeyfund for help paying for the honeymoon, Bed Bath & Beyond, and the Myregistry for everything else. I read that we are supposed to put double the amount of guests to provide a selection and range, so working with that is...time consuming. Because each item we want to add, we need to research what we like and find something suitable to our style. It is fun, yes, but annoying too.

I also have searched for the perfect wedding planner. After going through all the ones at B&N, ordering a ton from the library to look at and doing other research online, I finally settled on one that has everything. I really wish Moleskine made a wedding planner, because I know that it would be PERFECT. I am very very particular with planners and need to have a specific layout that includes specific areas in order to stay organized. Plus I am a librarian and super organized. I mention this to emphasize that my recommendation does not come lightly.

By B&N
Get the one with the three ring binder. I took pages out, put some in. The worksheets are great!

I decorated mine so that it looks all fancy:

Goodnight, friends. And Anastasia, since I know you read this almost every day. :)