Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Steampunkin Fabrics

So, we have been thinking that plain white table linens, albeit boring, might be the best way to go if the venue and/or caterer have them already available. If that is the case, we still want our tables to not be lame, so we were thinking, again, that we could use the coolest of fabrics to make table runners or napkins or maybe place mats...Something to gussy up the white.

Matt's mum, who is the Queen of All Things Fabric, sent me some samples that she found. And I really like all of them. 

This little find of hers could work, possibly. Matt is concerned about the colors, because while the keys are awesome, it doesn't really go with our color scheme (which I wrote about here in case you missed it).

Here is our inspiration/scheme as a reminder:

This little number is cute with the swirly hearts. It was suggested for the Sweetheart Table (we are not doing the head table thing). Matt is concerned that it is too light. I think it might work if cut in with deeper shades of purple.

 This final sample was REALLY heard to photograph. It is GORGEOUS. Black and purple swirls with sparkly gold stars. I adore it. It might not REALLY match, but I am not sure I care...I think I want to use it for something anyways. IT IS JUST SO PRETTY. (Even though it looks blue...)

 This final photo is of the 2 yards I actually bought. Also I bought 2 yards...because I ordered it online and got confused. I was thinking about using this fabric in the bouquet and boutonnieres, though I am uncertain now. I do like the sparkle, though.

These are a bit different from the ones I researched here and found here, but would love some feedback!