Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Steampunk Bride's Wedding Gown, part 1

So, I had promised ages ago to post about my own attire for the wedding. I love the pretty dresses! Originally I thought I wanted to go 2 separate pieces for my wedding outfit--skirt and top (with corset of course). Until I found an awesome site (YAY China Wholesale!) that had THE dress. THE dress for not $1000, not $500, but $220. I am thinking of altering the bodice a bit, but the overall look of the dress seems--to me at least--to be a perfect combination of traditional wedding dress and the proper aesthetic for a Steampunk wedding.

Per request of my fiance, I will not post the photo, but here is the link:

And yes, the ivory.

Here are some of the other options I considered, and those other Steampunk brides may still like to consider:

From RomanticThreads: Custom made, $1500

This dress is gorgeous. Also $2600
I love this one too. $360

And, some inspired bridal accessories!:

I would like these in purple! From TejaJamilla

And a garter:

From SteampunkedOut

I won't be using a veil, but I will need some kind of headpiece:
I really like this one from GypsyLadyHats: $90

This one DOES have a veil, and is more wedding-y

To be continued...