Monday, June 18, 2012

Steampunk Bridal Attire, Part 2

Catch the first part of this post here.

You will notice that I am keeping with a pretty traditional color--ivory--for the bride's clothes. OBVIOUSLY, other Steampunk brides will like to add some color to their ensemble. Here are a couple of bridal suggestions that are even more non-traditional than the Steampunk dresses from part 1.

Faux Leather and tulle

This one is a little more Victorian that Steampunk
This gown is breathtaking...if you have endless income to afford its ridiculous pricetag....

This one is not a wedding dress, per se, but it could definitely work!

It is a cosplay, but awesome.

There are a lot of talented seamstresses and artisans out there--especially if you peruse etsy--that can create some breathtaking wedding gowns in the aesthetic of your choice. Though personally, the pricetag on these items are too much for me. Which is why I chose the beautiful dress that I want and will Steampunk it up with accessories and possible alterations (I am undecided).

So in Part 1 I looked at a few hats, a garter and some tights. I am going to explore some other pieces that I really think would augment any bridal attire.


Another thing to consider with the dress is if you have a two-part ensemble, what you want for your corset on top. And even with a full dress, it is sometimes possible to augment the dress with a corset.

You could try a belt/cincher corset style:

I might use different laces, though.

Here is a beautiful two piece ensemble. Just promise me that you will wear your corset responsibly and not like it is shown in this picture. That's just gross looking.

CORSET STORY has a lot of inexpensive corsets.

For example, this beauty:
Which may actually work with my dress! Maybe. It might be wishful thinking.

This one has even more potential!
The gold detail might work better.


I was considering goggles to match the dress, but the difficulty of finding ivory goggles...Of course we could make some, but we will have to check on our time...THESE, however, are the best of both worlds.
These are by the same vendor, but are the white that I originally was considering before I decided on the ivory dress.

by dreameddesigns

There is also the possibility of making our own goggles. Here are some instructions I found--and am dying to try--that walks you through a tutorial.

Fenris Design

More white ones:

Awesome. With actual UV protection.
Or something handmade, and a bit brassy:

Actually, I really like these.


Something else to consider: gloves, glovlettes or wrist cuffs. I love ZenandCoffee on Etsy has some beautiful items.

I like the lacing on these.

Cuff in ivory lace.
Long and Lacy

Look for another post about wedding dress/attire in the coming weeks!