Sunday, June 10, 2012


Hello, Cake Knife.

I didn't know I needed this until right now. When I saw it. Stole it from this awesome wedding blog
And I am considering having cupcakes...But, clearly, I still need this.

I really wish there were more Steampunk weddings and inspiration on the internets. It is frustrating that the same 3 weddings appear on any coverage of Steampunk weddings. I need MORE. I want to see  MORE!

So, for some shameless self-promotion, I have over 500 pins on my Steampunk Bride (formerly (Steampunk) Wedding Ideas) pinterest board. You can visit that here. A lot of the ideas that I post, I save on there first (or on Etsy), and then pull the URLs as I write up my posts. So, still visit me here, but, if I am not updating quickly enough for you, you can pop on over there to see some more inspiration.

You know, the more research I do and the more entries I write, the more I realize that my fiance and I really are Steampunks--though we both come into it from different areas. He is the scientist, I am the librarian. Both the beauty of Steampunk is that both exist alongside each other and with each other in an almost alchemical way. And with our chosen theme we can both incorporate the geeky things that brought us to Steampunk--I can include some Harry, and he can include some gaming. And we both WIN with the scifi. And the best part of the whole thing can be summed it with this:

The planning is awesome. But it is awesome because I am planning it with him.

So, a few more random updates, and hints of things to come:

  • Matt and I have been antiquing/thrift storing. We have found a few gems that will be AMAZING for the wedding.
  • I have finished stemming and wrapping 30 brooches. They are neutral colors--whites, creams, metals. I now need to find some accent brooches with pinks and purples and maybe a green or too.
  • I am currently searching for an underbust corset to match my chosen dress.
  • I found another website with some awesome clothes:
  • I've been having a lot of fun perusing which has a ton of great articles.
  • My awesome gear things that I bought to make gear cut outs do not work with the Ellison machine I have at work. They are too short. I guess I can use them as stamps?
  • I have spent a lot of time today researching wedding ceremony readings and quotes. It has been fun! 
  • We have a meeting with the venue in a week!
  • We have started researching and contacting vendors. Suggestions for vendors in the Boston area that are inexpensive would be most welcome.
  • Matt's mum sent me some fabric samples! She is wonderful, and I will share soon.
  • I have also been doing some research for my future hubby re: his outfit. 
  • Oh, and my Steampunk board on pinterest is pretty cool too, though not nearly as full of pins as the wedding one:


"Steampunk Cufflinks"