Thursday, June 21, 2012

Getting Married--Steampunk Style

So, Matthew and I (and my dad and Bexy the bridesmaid) visited our venue this past weekend and put down a deposit!!

Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation on October 7, 2013 is our official place and time of the wedding!

After looking at all the spaces of the venue, we decided that there are a lot of things that we really won't need because the venue is awesome as it is. So all those paper cuts from the ceiling and hanging things--we don't need any of it! It will save us some time and energy. And frustration at trying to find an appropriate gear paper punch.

The thing that is frustrating that we found out is that we will need to rent chairs because the venue does not have enough AND the ones they have are...awful. But we also realized that we don't need anything other than white table cloths and MAYBE a table runner for each table.

Also, our amazing wedding party rallied together to help us pledge $1000 to Threshold! In return for our pledge we receive 8 VIP tickets to the show, ENSMB's new CD, a DVD of the performance, a ENSMB t-shirt, web banner, signed cast photo and a full page ad in the program. 

We had to design the ad for today. Here is what I came up with:

You'll notice it is complete with my newly designed logo! I am very pleased with myself about that one!

In other news, Matthew has relented his campaign for keys and gears as the aesthetic theme of our wedding to include AIRSHIPS!!