Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cruising for a Steampunk Honeymoon

So my beau and I have been discussing where we want to go on our honeymoon. Originally we wanted to spend some time in New Zealand. But, wow, tickets to NZ are EXPENSIVE.

We decided to rule that out. So we have been considering:
  • Mediterranean Cruise
  • European train vacation
  • Steampunk Caribbean Cruise
The Mediterranean Cruise
  • So if we go on the cruise, the difficulty is to find a cruise that goes to ports of call in both France AND Portugal (and possibly Greece and Italy).
  • Some of the options
  • So this would be great, but Matt is Portuguese and I am French, so we want to make sure we visit both places...
European Rail
  • There are a lot of awesome trips that can be done by train and we decided it would be kiiiinda Steampunky because we would be on a train!
  • Some deals are here
Steampunk Caribbean Cruise
  • Uh, it is a Steampunk cruise. 
  • Really.
  • A Steampunk cruise.
  • The website is here
What are your thoughts, my friends. Matthew favors the Steampunk cruise, I favor the Mediterranean cruise....