Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bridal Attire: Purples?

Ok. I am having some serious issues.

Problem: Bridal Party Attire.

I want to offer the bridal party as much flexibility and creativity as possible for their outfits but I keep running into the same roadblocks: color, cost, style and availability.

I thought I wanted purple. I do want purple. But to incorporate purple limits the range of colors my party can wear. If I suggests wearing a purple corset, they will all be in the same shade of purple--that only matches black and not brown. Which limits the choices of the types of outfits they can create. The other issue with my beloved purple is that I have only found 2 appropriate vests for the guys.

This one--if price was no object:
$140...custom-made...maybe the groom?

And this one that imitates the vibrant purple that is everywhere with the ladies' corsets. The ones that only match black:

$50 from Gentlemen's Emporium

And if we go with this purple, black will have to be the foundation color. So the guys COULD wear a black vest with a purple tie...

I just think that purple is too bright to use across the wedding party. Though I found the following corsets and such for the ladies if I decided to go black and purple...

$30 "magenta"
$32 underbust

Purple Fashion corset $36


This bodice $60

$52 Bodice

Or something like this:



Or this, which is very pretty (and also comes in a caramel). It ties in the front and is open at the top.


+  Purple blouse.

An awesome skirt!


I have been having second thoughts about this. And my next post will showcase my thoughts about a brown, gold and ivory scheme for the bridal party....