Sunday, May 13, 2012

Steampunk Cake is not a lie

So, I alluded to the CAKE in my previous post about food. Early in our planning--and I mean before the proposal of any sorts--Matt commented that he wanted to have Warmachine models for our cake toppers. I smiled sweetly and ignored him.

But my good friend Heather from high school--the one who cultivated my love of cooking as a teenager--offered to make my cake. Which I GLADLY accepted. She is amazing. I mentioned previously that I wanted to decorate the cake with these goodies:

(Which Heather will be glad to know that we will fund).

Then, Matthew was showing me some models from a miniature game called Dystopian Wars (which, with a name like that, who WOULDN'T LOVE the name!?) But the aesthetic of the game is beautiful and beautifully Steampunk.

So, instead of creating an insane (though beautiful) cake like these--which I am sure you have seen before:

I actually don't like this one so much. Too...lacy. 

This one has an Eastern-feel to it:

This one is also beautiful:

So, for OUR Steampunk cake, I am thinking to have a few tiers and include those candied gears for edible decoration as well as some of the models for Dystopian Wars, including this Kraken:

And maybe some airships:

I think that we could make a fancy-looking cake with these that will be an inexpensive counterpart to those elaborate fondant creations. (Also, we can make a cake that tastes good!--I am not a fan of fondant).