Friday, May 4, 2012

How to Steampunk food


I love food. Matt loves food.

What is better than breakfast food?

Breakfast food at a night wedding is what.

What is more steampunk than breakfast for dinner? Anastasia says tea time. And I might agree, but we need some sustenance at our wedding. So breakfast is the winner. Omelet bar. Crepe bar. Breakfast cocktails--Bloody Marys, Screwdrivers (renamed Clockwork Orange), mimosas, Tequila sunrise...

Also, Kikkoman Plum wine. Seriously delicious.

I taste like JUICE!!!!

So, how do I Steampunk my food? We will OBVIOUSLY rename our featured beverages. Actually funny story: Matt and I had been dating for under 2 months when we went to my cousin's wedding. We had (jokingly at the time) said that our wedding would be Steampunk and that our signature drink would be the Clockwork Orange (and I envisioned orange slices cut as gears....) This was actually Matt's idea. It stuck with me...
Other drink ideas...Kraken Coke (say it fast)...

As for cake, I have a friend who is making my cake for me as a wedding gift. The cake will be decorated with these awesome gear candies.

Om nom nom

I feel as though this is a somewhat vague post, but I am still trying to flesh out these ideas. More definitive ideas will come along in June when the boy is out of school and able to devote more time to wedding prep. THE DIY WILL START SOON!

By then, I will have internet! Currently I am 3 days at my new apartment for my new job and am without internet for now. So my posts my be...irregular--a fact for which I apologize profusely.