Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fabrics and Linens, Take 2

So, deciding on fabrics is a bit easier when we know colors! We have the option of either using one shade for table cloths or multiple shades of purple. Either will work depending on what we find for fabric and pricing. Then we can correspond the table runners to the various shades. 

**My favorites.

Here are some of the fabric prints we would like to use for the table runners:

**$8.98/yard also in green at $7.18/yard

**$8.98/yard also in green

And another that is reasonable:
$6.29/yard Old car in green! or cream
I think I like the cream better, especially against the purple:



Sugarplum at $3.49/yard until 10/31/12


**$4.79/yard PAISLEY!

This site has a bunch of cotton solids for $6.40/yard: 

Fabric Depot
This site has solid colors for $5.75/yard!

And a light purple for $5.25/yard:

**I love this color. 3 1/2 yard piece @$15

Other fabric that we have come across that would be great for the ceremony or the cake table:

Natural at $3.98/yard

Actually this might even be great for ceiling or tree hangings...hmmm....