Sunday, May 13, 2012

Color Inspiration via Airship

So, I had a huge post typed up got deleted. Gr. So I will attempt to recreate it.


Matt suggested finding some images that we could use as inspiration in order to determine our colors. So after some searching and discussing, we decided on purples. The wedding party will need to incorporate purple into their outfits (preferable at the top, but whatevs). I've searched Google images, looked through various clothing items and other Steampunk costumes. 

This image encapsulates the shades of purple that will work:

This one also has a range of color inspiration:

A watercolor by VB Adams.

So, some colors from here for the bridal party: I mentioned idee in an earlier post, and I still stand by its usefulness!

Some shades of purple!

This image is the inspiration for my wedding dress, plus the vintage-look is gorgeous:

I love the layers in the skirt and the jacket.
(I will be writing about my dress in a later post!)

Here are some general inspirational photos--as in not specific to only the wedding party attire, but the wedding colors in general. I know I talked about it in this post, but we have actually made a few decisions since then! :)

This print represents the vintage yellow/cream and black that I like (just like the dress inspiration):

Art from etsy

This piece of art represents my interpretation:

I love the cream and subtle green as well as the brown. Also, hot air balloons are awesome.

And this is great:

Actually, I think we should buy a few of these prints to hang in the reception hall.

This one is perfect (plus green):

This is my inspiration I do think.

Blog post=success.