Friday, May 11, 2012

Clockwork Tables, Part I

Some things that have been discussed: Table arrangements and table numbers. Since of the vast world of Steampunk, we are most interested in clocks and gears (since our venue includes the Waltham Watch Factory). We have decided to arrange our tables in a circle around the dance floor, with our sweetheart table situated at midnight. Each table will then have a corresponding clock number (I-XII) which we will display on clock faces. We will have clock faces devoid of any other number except for the table number.

We originally thought it would be fun to collected 12 various clocks and take them apart in order to make the numbers represent what we need.

Like these:


 But, on second thought, even if we found them secondhand...12 clocks add up. So, we make them.

Matt's technical directing skills plus my crafting skills should yield a wood and cardboard version that is considerably cheaper...though if we can find SUPER cheap clocks and clock faces, we will, of course go with our original plan and mod them like the good steampunks that we are.

Along with the brooch bouquet and paper flowers that we need to construct this summer, this is another project that will have to be undertaken by me and my ladies. Also save the dates...though we have a lot of time to do those yet.

I will, of course, post proto-types when they are created.

As for now we have those annoying decisions (and deposits) to make for the venue, the caterer, the photographer, the DJ, etc...which is stressful and not as much fun as the stuff I write about here.

Alas, what choice do I have?